The Ormond Agency offers a variety of insurance products such as homeowners and auto insurance to the responsible client. Our comprehensive insurance plan includes coverages for flood/water liability as well as hurricane coverage. Our professional agents can walk you through then entire process as well as get you the best quote possible. We also offer these additional products:

Landlord Policies: We offer policies to protect your property with specific coverages, for clients who rent their property to others.

Umbrella Liability Policies: Policies to protect clients who have assets that need to be protected that exceed the amount provided on their home, auto or other personal line policies.

Flood Insurance: Most homes do not include flood insurance on their homeowners policy. We can offer coverage for flood damage at reasonable premiums which are backed by the Federal Government.

Boat, Motorcycle, Campers and RV’s Insurance: We also offer boat, motorcycle and RV insurance to the outdoors clientele and we offer affordable rates on the market.

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