Driver’s Excuses For Using Cellphone When Driving.

 Many states have adopted laws that prevent cellphone use while operating a vehicle. It is a distraction that has caused many insurance claims and unfortunately lives. While it is not a law currently in Florida, it is highly discouraged by law enforcement officers.

Check out the list below and see if you have used any of these excuses or if there are other ones that you use.

Here are the top 10 excuses the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia compiled of local drivers who were caught using handheld phone devices while driving:

1. This is a bogus law.

2. It was my boss on the phone – I had to answer it.

3. I wasn’t using it – I just like to hold it.

4. Sorry officer, I didn’t see you trying to pull me over because I was on my phone.

5. But it was an emergency call to my wedding planner.

6. My Bluetooth died.

7. Driver: I’m using my speakerphone. Police officer: No, you’re holding your phone in one hand and steering with the other.

8. I’m not driving; I was stopped at a red light.

9. I wasn’t talking, I was checking my messages.

10. I was just checking the time.

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