Your Pets as Passengers

It is asking a lot to expect a pet to behave in acar, so it’s important to create an environment that’s safe for both your pet and you.
Small dogs often prefer to curl up on someone’s lap – and if that lap belongs to the driver, you have an unsafe situation. Car seats for small dogs are available through catalogs and in pet shops. Used with a back seat safety belt and a harness (never a collar!) on the dog, they keep pets in place, are soft and comfortable, and enable little critters to see out the windows – keeping everyone happy!
In addition to car seats, there is a wide range of travel harnesses designed for dogs of all sizes. These buckle into most standard safety belts to secure the dog safely and securely. Some dogs may be more comfortable in a travel crate. If
that’s true for your pooch, be sure the crate is secured within the vehicle.
Although they don’t generally like riding in cars, cats are safest in carriers – which should be restrained, preferably by safety belts. An unrestrained carrier will do nothing to protect the cat in the event of a crash – and will pose a danger to you and your passengers.
Pet Safety Tips
• Dogs and cats should always be kept safely inside the car.
• All pets should ride in the back seat, away from the passenger side air bag.
• Pets that are allowed to stick their heads out the window can be injured by particles of debris or become ill from having cold air forced into their lungs.
• Never transport a pet in the back of an open pickup truck.

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