Federal Pacific Electric Panels

Have you bought an older home?  Did you have a home inspection and it was determined that your home has Federal Pacific Electrical Panels?  Having trouble insuring the home with these type of panels?

Federal Pacific Electrical panels were a very common panel used in home from the 1950s through the 1980s.  Over time these panels have proved to have problems. They fail to trip when the switch is overloaded causing damage to the panel and often times fires in the homes. Insurance companies have paid a disproportionate amount of claims compared to other panels manufactured during the same time.

These panels were also involved in a class action lawsuit in New Jersey due to the failure of these panels. Experts advise the homeowner to replace the entire panel immediately. Even if the panel doesn’t have any problems at the moment, the inherent defects in the panel make it highly probable that if overloaded it will malfunction.  Cost of replacement can be from $800 to $3000 on average.  There is a wealth of information regarding this panel available online.

Replacing the Federal Pacific Electric panel will not only make the home more appealing to the insurance company but will give the homeowner peace of mind that their family and belongings are more secure with a replacement electrical panel.

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