Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

In the Intitute for Business and Home Safety study, a burst water supply line caused half of all water damage incidents involving washing machines.  On average, these incidents caused more than $6,000 in damage per incident.
1. Turn supply valves off when not in use.
2. Consider installing a lever-type valve that is easy to operate between uses.
3. Do not operate the washing machine while the home is unoccupied.
4. Leave a 3 to 4 inch gap between the back of the washing machine and the wall to avoid kinking the hose near the valve connection.
5. Inspect the water supply line hoses every 6 months.
6. Ensure that the connection to the valve is secure, but avoid over-tightening.  Hand tighten first.  Then tighten an additional 2/3 of a turn using pliers.
7. Check the hoses for cracks, kinks or blisters, which are most commonly found near the hose connection.
8. Washing machine manufacturers recommend replacing washing machine hoses every 5 years. Consider reinforced braided stainless steel hoses.

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